Xuedong Shang, PhD (商雪岽 字雨山)

Machine Learner, Quant


This page contains my avocational activities.


I describe myself as a life learner, so I am keen on taking online courses on MOOC websites such as Coursera, edX and Udacity. Below is an incomplete list of courses that I have followed and obtained a (verified) certificate concurrently with my academic curriculum.


MOOC: I am a member of Edu-Infinity Translation Group (教育无边界字幕组 in Chinese), the first and largest Chinese subtitle groups for online courses. I am one of the team leaders for computer science courses, and I also participated to many other topics such as maths, history, human rights, psychology, social science, and so forth. I mainly translate from English and French into Chinese. Our main collaborators are Coursera and edX. Below is a list of courses I have translated as a member or team leader and some awards I've been given.

Book translations: I also participated to some book translation projects.

  • A book based on the ignorance course I have mentioned above to be appeared soon...
  • Steven Brint. Schools and Societies. Stanford University Press - Publisher in Chinese TBA

Google Translate Community: I am a member of Google Translate Community, this project aims at enhancing machine translation AI of Google.

Student Union

I served as a bureau member of UCECL (Union des chercheurs et étudiants chinois à Lille), the official regional Chinese student union at Lille, during 2018-2019, and is now the Secretary-General (Executive President).

Live Streaming

I occasionally do live streaming on Douyu (斗鱼 in Chinese), the largest live streaming video platform in China, this is my personal streaming room.


I am working on some Wikipedia projects especially in Chinese. You can find my English user page from my social links. I also have user pages in other languages (Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, French). My current task is to create/edit/translate machine learning pages in Chinese. If you are also interested, please kindly leave me some messages in my user talk page.


I love traveling and enjoy authentic local gourmet, if you want to see where I’ve been, just check out my tripadvisor profile. I may think of starting a travel blog in the near future as well.