Few of my projects in a totally chaotic order. (Note: Only some of the dedicated pages of my projects are already available, and most of them are GitHub pages.)

Reset artificial intelligence c# c++ clustering computational arithmetic computer graphics data science deep learning deep reinforcement learning dtw edu-infinity game programming grammar induction html/css javascript julia logic lstm machine learning maths matlab mfcc microprocessor minimax mips multi-armed bandit n-gram number theory ocaml python pytorch ray tracing reinforcement learning ruby sdl tdoa theano time series visual studio

Best-Arm Identification

multi-armed bandit machine learning reinforcement learning julia

Hyperparamter Optimization

multi-armed bandit machine learning deep learning theano python

Burger and Teddybear Game

game programming visual studio c#

Music Style Classification and Generation

n-gram grammar induction matlab


reinforcement learning deep learning machine learning python pytorch deep reinforcement learning

Time Series Clustering

time series clustering dtw data science python

Ray Tracing

ray tracing sdl computer graphics c++

2048 Eduinfinity

game edu-infinity javascript html/css


game minimax artificial intelligence ruby

Microprocessor Simulator

microprocessor ocaml mips

Project Euler

number theory computational arithmetic maths ocaml