Xuedong Shang (商雪岽 字雨山)

Machine Learner


27 Dec 2017

Programming in C with Jupyter Notebook

Using Jupyter Notebook with a C kernel? That’s possible with the Minimal C Kernel for Jupyter. To make use of...

30 Nov 2017

Horizon Startup at Inria

A new session of Horizon Startup was held in Inria Lille center yesterday. Initiated in 2016, Horizon Startup is dedicated...

26 Nov 2017


以前在校内上曾经流行一个matlab演奏《卡农》的帖子,写法蛮帅的,用的还是纯律而非平均律。回想起我初中时候在少科站无聊也用Turbo Pascal编过《亚洲雄风》来着,当时就觉得一串数字转化成音乐是件很神奇的事情。来聊聊音乐和数学哈~ 音乐之所以和谐美妙,很大程度上得益于两个数学上的约等式同时成立: 1)  2 ^ (7/12) = 1.4983 ≈ 3/2,误差 0.1% 2)  2 ^ (4/12) = 1.2599 ≈ 5/4,误差 0.8%...

21 Nov 2017

Suites Automatiques

En informatique théorique, une suite automatique est une suite infinie générée par un automate fini. Dans ce poste vous trouverez...

13 Nov 2017

Test Page

This is a test blog page where we can explore how to embed images in the blog. Image example 1...

04 Jun 2016

Welcome to Jekyll!

You’ll find this post in your _posts directory. Go ahead and edit it and re-build the site to see your...