I participated to the 2018 Google Code Jam Contest. I want to share some thoughts about my first Code Jam experience for potential new comers in the future.

Before that, I just want to give some statistics given by the official:

  • Qualification Round: In total, around 24,000 participants made at least one submission, and over 21,000 solved at least one test set. Over 14,000 made it to Round 1;
  • Round 1: Each participant for Round 1 has 3 attempts (Round 1A, Round 1B, Round 1C) to get their ticket to Round 2. Under the Code Jam 2018 rules, 1500 contestants advanced to Round 2 from each of the Round 1s. The cutoff for each Round 1 is: (1A) 50 points + enough speed, (1B) 25 points + enough speed, (1C) 56 points + enough speed.
  • Round 2: Top 1000 contestants among 4500 advanced to the final online round with a cutoff of 44 points + sufficient speed.
  • Round 3: Top 25 participants made it to the offline World Finals, with a cutoff of 56 points.

To be continued…