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04 Sep 2020

Simons Institute Workshop - Theory of Reinforcement Learning Boot Camp

This is the first time we have a bootcamp fully dedicated to the theory of reinforcement learning. The objective of...

01 Apr 2020

ELLIS Workshop on COVID-19 and How I Devote to the Battle

With the actual pandemic of COVID-19, it is hardly for anyone to keep her/himself out of the loop. The machine...

26 Sep 2019

Multi-Armed Bandit Workshop in London

It was unexpectedly (this is maybe not the correct word to use, beyond my expectation might be more appropriate?) successful...

31 Aug 2019


这是我第一篇用中文书写的会议记录。今年夏天的时候放假回上海待了三周,期间除了至少有一半的时间是花在了继续工作上(放假的时候似乎总是能有所突破,也许是因为心情放松的缘故?),剩下的时间说实在的是有一些百无聊赖的。看了一个多星期的TI之后发现今年的世界人工智能大会正好在上海办于是想办法搞了入场券。虽然因为要飞法国的关系只能去一天,不过还是多多少少开了些眼界。 这是我第一次参加非学术性质的会议,多少还是有些好奇。总体的感觉还是以人工智能落地场景的应用为重点,同时也结合了一些学术界的发言,包括Tom Mitchell,Jürgen Schmidhuber,Andrew Ng (吴恩达),以及Terrence Sejnowski。当然学术界的几位大佬们也是以相对宏观的角度来阐述观点而非技术性发言。具体能说的其实也不多,毕竟只待了半天的样子,希望明年有机会可以更完整地体验一次,也可以对业界有一点更深入的了解。

21 Jan 2019

Machine Learning Summer School 2019 in South Africa

I attended the highly-reputed, and probably the most popular Machine Learning Summer School from Jan 5th until Jan 20th, for...

04 Oct 2018

The 14th European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning

The 14th European Workshop on Reinforcement Learning (EWRL 2018) was held in Lille from October 1st to October 3rd. Organized...

28 Sep 2018

Journée Exceptionnelle Lilloise 2018

Je vais parler de la Journée Exceptionnelle Lilloise 2018 qui avait lieu le vendredi 28 Septembre 2018 à Lilliad (5...

30 Nov 2017

Horizon Startup at Inria

A new session of Horizon Startup was held in Inria Lille center yesterday. Initiated in 2016, Horizon Startup is dedicated...

20 Oct 2017

Online Learning Workshop in Paris

An online learning workshop was held at Telecom Paritech on September 20, followed by the PhD defense of Claire Vernade....

22 Sep 2017

France-Japan Machine Learning Workshop in Paris

Hi there, here is my very first event blog, just a few days before I start my PhD life (for...